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Slavic Soul,


$15 (US)

This compact disc contains both sacred and secular folk music of the Slavic lands, sung in the original Church Slavonic, Russian, Ukrainian and Slovak compositions.

This 18-song collection contains Cossack songs like "Ikhav Kozak za Dunai" (The Cossacks Went Beyond the Danube), "Beite/Rezhte" (Beat and Slash), and "Zavistali Kozachenki" (The Cossacks Go Whistling By) and old folk favorites like "Kalinka," "Vo Temnon Lese" (In the Dark Forest), and "Vo Kuznitse" (In the Smithy). Liturgical selections include Ippolitov-Ivanov's "Blagoslovi Dushe Moia Gospoda" (Bless the Lord, O My Soul), Grechaninov's Second Antiphon, Chesnokov's "Razboinika" (The Wise Thief) and Rimsky-Korsakov's "Se Zhenikh" (Behold the Bridgegroom).


  • Dance! Dance!
  • Snow Covered Russia soloists Patrick Jacobsen and Nikita Wells
  • In the Dark Wood
  • Beat! Slash!/ At the Smithy soloist Bob Trbovich
  • Letís Go John 6. Around the Steppe soloist Serge Boldireff
  • Green Grass/ Kalinka soloist David Holovac
  • Evening Bells soloist Serge Boldireff
  • Whistling Go the Cossacks
  • Cossacks Down the Danube soloist Anthony Tourchia
  • I Take Up the Bandura soloist Valentin Fetisoff
  • Bless the Lord O My Soul - Ippolitov Ivanov
  • Glory.. The Only Begotten Son - Grechaninoff
  • Behold the Bridegoom - R. Korsakov
  • The Wise Thief - Chesnokov soloist Anthony Tourchia
  • Christ is Risen! soloist John Stepanchuk
  • Troparian of the Cross - P. Tchaikovsky
  • America/ America the Beautiful words Katharine Lee Bates


Cossack Favorites

CD or Cassette

$12 (US) CD $8 (US) Cassette

Pushkin may have never had the opportunity to sit on Sunday afternoons discussing fine points of the passing on of the Slavic Folk Music traditions by the Skomorokhi, but now you can. This tape includes The Evening Bells, The Legend of Stenka Razin and Meadowlands.


  • Meadowlands
  • Twelve Robbers
  • Cadet Song
  • Warrior's Prayer
  • Stenka Razin
  • Evening Bells
  • At the Blacksmith
  • I Take the Bandura
  • A Star Appeared
  • Looking Down the Road
  • Soar the Falcons
  • Little Bell

Selected Orthodox Hymns


$6 (US)

The yellow glow from the candle stands flutters across the plumes of blessed smoke arising from the Priest's cadillo as he chants the day's prayers. The singing of these prayers by The Slavic Male Chorus of Washington brings these and other sacred images to mind, presenting the beauty of the ages as a gift to us, the gift of hundreds of years of Orthodox Liturgical music.


  • O Lord, Your Strength (D. Bortniansky)
  • Blessed is the Man (Kiev-Pechersky Lavra)
  • O My Soul (A. Egorov)
  • The Cherubim Hymn (Kastalsky)
  • Bless the Lord O My Soul (D. Allemanov)
  • The Cherubim Hymn (A. Gretchaninov)
  • O Gladsome Light (A. Kopulov)
  • Eternal Memory (Kievan Chant)

The Slavic Male Chorus and The Akafist Chorus of Moscow

Souls breathing life in the reverberations off of the church walls move and caress with power and a gentle touch. This first ever collaboration between the Akafist Chamber Choir of Moscow and The Slavic Male Chorus is a fine collection of the Akafist's concert repertoire and a select group of hymns performed by both choirs.


Sorry this limited release is now out of print.

The Slavic Male Chorus and The Akafist Chorus of Moscow Concert Video

The accompanying visual festival to the tremendously popular first collaboration between the Akafist Chamber Choir and The Slavic Male Chorus.

Sorry this limited release is now out of print. You may order a copy at the Carpatho-Russian page.


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